Advice for Beginners and Professional Artists

I have many artists ask me how I accomplished this or that, or come to me for advice so here it is. And I sincerely hope that your dreams will come true. And since I am not under any pressure to be paid for my advice, I’ll give it to you straight, how I want to give it, and as honestly as I can deliver it to you.

Best wishes,

Here is what Ken Dahl has to say:

After a friendship with Jake Hose, both personal and professional, for almost 20 years now, I just have to say out loud that no one person has inspired or encouraged me more in the area of business, period. As far as a success mentor in the art world arena, there is no one that I know of that is more educated or well-versed in laying out an enormous, pertinent amount of incredibly-valuable information for accomplished artists who really desire the exposure and monetary notoriety their work deserves.

In my time in the art industry I have met so many very capable artists who could have had financially-successful careers because of their talent, but just had no real outlined idea or plan of how to even approach building such a thing.

Jake Hose can and will change that for any aspiring artist who knows what they’ve got, but are just not entirely sure how to put it all together. He’s a tough-love art-business ally to have, who will tell you the truth about an industry (and today’s art buyers) that is vastly misunderstood by most artists. – Ken Dahl

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